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Mother's life-threatening mistake, child custody at stake

There are many factors to consider when it comes to who gets custody of a child. A parent might be a great mom or dad in some aspects, but lacking or even dangerous for the child or children in other aspects. One parent might consider the other parent a threat or danger to the child. A recent rescue of a child locked in a vehicle in a New Jersey parking lot on a hot and muggy day suggests that the mother might be unfit for child custody.

Crying could be heard in a parking lot of a big box store in Hackensack. A couple passing by heard the cry and investigated its source: a two-year-old girl locked inside of a minivan. The man tried to reach into a window that was barely cracked but could not get his arm in far enough to unlock and open the door. Soon, a police officer arrived at the van and broke a window to rescue the crying child, who was drenched in sweat and red in the face.

The mother of the suffering child soon approached with a cart of groceries and another child. She was arrested and charged with child endangerment. Both children were released to the custody of their father following the arrest.

A child custody battle can be difficult and emotionally taxing for the children as well as the parents. If a New Jersey parent finds him- or herself questioning the other parent's ability in raising their children, seeking legal custody might be the answer. An experienced attorney can help a parent when there is a need to determine who should have custody of a child. 

Source:, "Officers rescue toddler from hot car in New Jersey parking lot", July 31, 2015

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