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Child support may not always reach the legal parent

Sometimes, it is a challenge for non-custodial parents to make their child support payments, whether in New Jersey or elsewhere. In fact, many are subject to wage garnishment through their employers, who then remit the payments to the appropriate state office of child support services. In many jurisdictions, more than half of all child support payments are handled through income withholding.

One company in another state took matters -- and money -- into its own hands. Apparently, one father worked for a small, family-run company whose owners treated him like a member of the family. When hired, he was up front with the owners about a wage garnishment order to pay current and back child support payments. The company withheld the money each pay period, but the mothers of the children involved kept complaining about not getting enough money. Since the father knew the payments were being withheld from his paycheck, he did not think much about their claims.

After some time passed, it became more obvious that the company was experiencing financial difficulties. The father then started comparing the amount withheld from his paychecks with the amounts that the attorney general's office in the state of Texas claimed it received. Apparently, there was a discrepancy of about $28,000. Understandably, the father was distraught when he realized that the money he paid for the benefit of his children was not received. 

Fortunately, that state held the employer responsible for the missing money. New Jersey residents who notice a discrepancy in garnished payments may engage the services of an attorney to help find the missing child support payments. Those who receive garnished payments have the same option when the payments do not match what they are owed. 

Source:, "7 Investigates: Employer accused of intercepting thousands in child support", Julia Jenae, July 16, 2015

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