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July 2015 Archives

Wise financial decisions important during divorce

One of the most stressful parts of any divorce in New Jersey is how to handle finances. In many divorce cases, the divorcing individuals are at odds about how to split their shared assets. A few tips may help a person going through the dissolution of a marriage to make wise financial decisions.

Child support may not always reach the legal parent

Sometimes, it is a challenge for non-custodial parents to make their child support payments, whether in New Jersey or elsewhere. In fact, many are subject to wage garnishment through their employers, who then remit the payments to the appropriate state office of child support services. In many jurisdictions, more than half of all child support payments are handled through income withholding.

Child custody cases for victims of accident need proper review

New Jersey residents may be interested to know that an injured woman plans to fight to keep physical custody of her child. While a disabling injury could alter a person's ability to care for a child, and therefore may alter the child custody agreement, there should be a definitive risk to the child to require taking away a parent's rights. The woman in question in this case was injured at Fenway Park when a bat broke and then hit her.

A case in another state shows how dementia affects divorce

New Jersey residents may be interested to know that getting dementia can keep people from divorcing. A judge in another state has ruled that a man is not competent enough to get a divorce. This could be a game changing decision for anyone who is seeking a divorce later in life. Although the husband of 15 years who has dementia claimed he wanted a divorce, his wife claimed that she did not want one because she was still in love with him.