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January 2015 Archives

It is important to consider finances during a divorce

The divorce process is wrought with decisions to be made and details to decipher. Any New Jersey couple in the midst of a divorce needs to take great care in thinking about how divorce will impact finances. There are certain financial decisions and maneuvers each party should consider taking sooner rather than later.

New Jersey couples may want to prepare for divorce beforehand

The decision to seek a divorce can be an instantaneous reaction to a significant event, or it can be a slow process that unfolds over time. For some, contemplating divorce and planning a post-marriage existence can take years. Anyone in New Jersey on the verge of filing for divorce may want to think beyond the dissolution of the marriage and do what can be done to prepare for a future as unmarried individuals.

Financial changes come with divorce in New Jersey

Any divorce can have an immediate impact on the lifestyle and financial future of both parties involved. As January sets in, otherwise known as "divorce month" due to the jump in marital splits, there are financial factors any couple heading for divorce should consider. While each New Jersey couple is vastly different from another, having these tips in mind can make the divorce process a little smoother and less of a financial disruption.

Tax and economic decisions need to be made with divorce

Whenever a marriage dissolves, there are countless decisions that need to be made, regardless of the length of the marriage or the value of the assets. However, if there are certain assets, such as a house and retirement accounts, the decisions regarding how best to split those assets may be even more complicated. New Jersey couples may want to consider the financial realities of divorce and decide what may be the best option as they proceed with a divorce.