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New Jersey child custody issues may need legal intervention

During a divorce or other separation between parents, there are many factors that need to be determined involving the children. People may assume the first and foremost issue at hand is where the child or children will live. While this is an essential issue that can be extremely stressful and emotional to deal with, child custody issues go far deeper than just deciding where a child will rest his or her head. A skilled and experienced New Jersey family law attorney can explore your unique child custody situation, explain the various issues that need to be resolved and help alleviate any confusion or anxiety.

The actual logistics of child custody need to be addressed once primary legal and residential custody is established. This can include the details of drop-offs for visitations. While seemingly a simple part of the process, it can get complicated quickly if the parents live far apart and a great deal of travel time and expense is involved. Parents can work together to determine a solution or rely on the courts to decide.

As children grow, their lives and ties to the community evolve. This can make vacations trickier than when kids are younger. Once in school, visitation and holiday schedules may need to be modified. Also, parents may need legal intervention to ensure both parents have appropriate access to school records and teacher information.

No two child custody situations in New Jersey are alike, just as no two families are alike. Having an attorney who will take the time to understand the situation as it is and how it may evolve subsequently can be the best resource a parent can have during an understandably difficult time. Our website has more information the various aspects of a child custody and how simplifying the process may be in the best interests of any children involved and both parents.

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