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Divorce may impact family privacy levels

An impending divorce may take a toll on every family member, even when the split is amicable and is a mutual decision. Divorce may lead each party to seek out the advice or guidance of trusted professionals and family members. However, divorce may also encroach on a family's privacy level. Any New Jersey family or couple who is concerned with privacy pertaining to divorce proceedings may want to become familiar with how a case may go forward and what information may be included as part of public record.

Many parents may try to shield children from certain information or from divorce details that may become public knowledge, affecting them in one way or another. If a family is high-profile, this concern may be even more so than for the average family. There are also times when one parent may intentionally leak or share information in an attempt to gain the upper hand in a custody dispute.

There may also be incidents related to the divorce but outside the realm of a divorce proceeding that leads to certain private information becoming public domain. If one spouse decides to sue the other for damages through a tort claim, the details can become public knowledge and affect a person's reputation personally and professionally. One way to limit information about a split and the accessibility of that information is to work toward a private settlement.

A divorce can be an overwhelming and emotional time that leads to clouded judgment, disheartening behavior or general mistrust. If a New Jersey spouse fears that his or her other soon-to-be ex-spouse may leak information or that court documents may reveal information that should be held private, that spouse may want legal guidance as to how best to control information. Guided settlements and legal agreements meant to protect privacy may help a family make the divorce process smoother and less cantankerous in general.

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