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Divorce during holidays can impact parents and kids

It is already a known fact that children and parents deal with an impending divorce differently. No two families are the exact same, yet most struggle with how to balance the holiday season during or after a divorce as they work toward drafting a parenting plan that includes holiday schedules. Below are some tips for New Jersey families on how to make the holiday season run more smoothly during or after a divorce.

All families have traditions. Once a divorce leaves parents living separately, it may be difficult or impossible to keep up some of those traditions. One way to deal with this issue is by creating new traditions with children to minimize their feelings of loss. With the help of modern technology, even a parent living hundreds of miles away can now be a part of holiday celebrations, as can other family members who are unable to be with the children because of custody arrangements. Parents may reduce conflict or confusion by including new traditions and other holiday specifics in a parenting plan.

While a parenting plan created during a divorce may spell out specific times and dates, schedules and plans can change without much warning. When this happens, one parent may wish to seek a formal modification to the plan. However, if parents can compromise and find a solution on their own, that often works best during the rush of the holiday season.

A parenting agreement for New Jersey parents can outline the details of how each parent gets to spend time with his or her child or children during the holiday season. Even so, parents should remain aware that parenting plans often need to be regarded as fluid and changes may need to be made annually to reflect children's changing needs. Parents that are having difficulty drafting a parenting plan during the divorce process, or who are having difficulty obtaining modifications that they see as necessary, may benefit from seeking the help of a legal professional.

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