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Digital privacy clause may thwart foul play in New Jersey divorce

Divorce can sometimes be a difficult time for those involved. One wrong decision can make an individual do something that they will regret, like using digital information against the other spouse. Even if they regret the action, it is often too late to fix the problem, and the situation can escalate. However, there may be a new option for couples in New Jersey and elsewhere who are wishing to avoid this situation while going through a divorce.

One divorce professional in the United States claims that, once a message is sent, it can eventually be found and sometimes used against the person, especially in a divorce. This is the main motive behind many couples deciding to put a digital privacy clause in their prenuptial or even post-nuptial agreements. These clauses often state that the other spouse cannot use emails or texts to win an argument during a divorce.

These clauses often do have restrictions, though, such as messages related to financial matters or criminal actions. However, it still helps prevent the use of embarrassing information as blackmail in a divorce. This could be used to save the professional and social reputations of those involved while a divorce is ongoing.

Divorce is many times a long and hard road for most couples. Nevertheless, with the right knowledge, many couples can institute items such as the digital privacy clause to minimize foul play by both parties. Hopefully, those in New Jersey and the rest of the United States will be able to push through their divorce and move on to a new life.

Source:, "Prenuptial digital privacy clauses gain popularity", Sharon Crowley, April 18, 2014

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