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March 2014 Archives

Divorce in New Jersey may change because of possible alimony laws

The final agreement at the end of a divorce does not always leave both parties happy or content. Often, one individual feels like the agreement is unfair in some way and isn't happy with the final decision. In New Jersey, many individuals who have been involved in a divorce think that alimony is particularly unfair for the individual who must pay. These opinions are being voiced very loudly as many are demanding reformation of the clauses that include alimony.

Online program aims to make divorce easier for New Jersey couples

Divorce can be a difficult for some individuals, but sometimes the hard part is not the actual circumstances but rather the emotions that correspond to the separation. During the process, emotions may arise when the people see each other and have the possibility of complicating the divorce more than finances or other common problems. However, one online company is working to resolve this problem by adding video chat to their repertoire of tools, so that couples in New Jersey and elsewhere can go fully internet-based.

New program regarding divorce could spread to New Jersey

Divorce can often be a very difficult process that can take a large amount of time to be completed. This extended period of time can make the divorce even harder for those involved because of the constant reminders of the occurrence. This can leave New Jersey couples with emotional pain and scars that could have been avoided if the process took a shorter period of time. However, one court system is now offering a service that could drastically shorten the time it takes to finalize a divorce.

New Jersey residents may find affordable insurance after divorce

There are often many reasons for couples to postpone or negate the option of divorce, whether they are finances, children or social issues. However, with the new insurance policies that are being implemented by the federal government, insurance may not be a reason anymore. Hopefully, this will allow New Jersey couples who are not happy anymore to obtain a divorce and move on with their new lives.