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New Jersey couples may need to know their options for divorce

Divorce can be a negative experience for the individuals who are involved if it is not carried out properly. Depending on the couple's situation, a different route may need to be taken to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, many couples in New Jersey may not know the options that are available when they are contemplating divorce.

The first option for couples wishing to part ways is collaboration. This option is similar to mediation; however, both individuals may have attorneys, therapists or other advisors present. This can cost more than mediation, but it is best used if very important decisions may need to be made.

The second option is mediation. This involves the two individuals and usually a mediator or attorney with experience mediating. The couple works together to create an agreeable outline for the divorce. Attorneys are not necessary in this type of separation.

The last option is litigation, where attorneys are involved and the final decision is often decided by the courts. This is used most often by couples that cannot come to an agreement by themselves. Often, it is the cost of each of these options that is the deciding factor.

Hopefully, many New Jersey couples will be more informed on their options for finalizing the end of their marriage. If the right plan is agreed upon and the right actions are taken, the divorce can often be less painful than if the couple was not well informed. There are always trained professionals who are more than happy to help couples wishing to start anew.

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