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New Jersey divorce can hurt the child if parents are not careful

Divorce is not uncommon in modern society in the United States. In fact, hundreds of divorces are carried out in New Jersey and all across America every day. Children are sometimes involved in these divorces, and are too often caught in the middle between their parents. There are a few things that parents may want to remember when filing for divorce that can help them make the divorce as easy as possible on their children.

The first item that the two parents may wish to remember is to keep their children out of the divorce as much as possible. Children should not be used as a go-between for the couple, but instead the parents should focus on having fun with their children when they see them. The second thing that parents might find helpful is to connect their children with a good therapist. This can give the child a new person to talk to and a place to vent about their problems during this time.

Another thing a divorcing parent could try is actually taking care of themselves and taking a day to just enjoy life. Divorce can be a very stressful time for an individual, and this can be seen by the child. The last and possibly most important thing is to constantly tell the child it is not their fault. The child should know that they are not to blame for the divorce; and both of their parents still love them even if their marriage did not work out.

Unfortunately, many divorces in New Jersey and elsewhere can tear put a lot of stress on children as much as their parents. However, if the parents take the right steps while working their way through the divorce, the child can come out with as little pain as possible. This can allow the child to learn how to cope with their new life, instead of stressing about it. In the event that parents cannot negotiate agreements between them, a family law judge may need to make the decisions during the divorce proceedings.

Source: Huffington Post, 5 Ways to Protect Children During Divorce, Deborah Anderson Bialis, Nov. 25, 2013

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