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New Jersey company's adoption benefits are better than most

Adoption can be a very expensive process, though it is usually very rewarding in the end. Some employers do not have the benefits that fully support their employee if the worker decides to adopt a child. However, the owner of a popular food chain in New Jersey created a program that may help potential adopters see which employers offer the best benefits for someone looking to go down the road of adoption.

The owner of Wendy's, Dave Thomas, created the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. This foundation ranks businesses by their benefits that help employees adopt a child. Dave Thomas was adopted as a child, which left him with an emotional connection to the topic.

Wendy's was the company with the best support for their employees trying to adopt, and was followed by a pharmaceuticals company located in New Jersey. One company that was on the list paid up to 16,000 dollars for adoption fees as well as gave employees who were going to adopt one week of pay vacation to help smooth out the process. The survey acquired its data from a survey that each of the companies filled out about their adoption benefits.

Even if an employee's company offers good benefits to aid in the adoption process, the adoption can still be a long and confusing process. Fortunately, there are professionals in New Jersey to provide advice and assistance in successfully completing the adoption process. This can help shorten the time it takes as well as keep the process running as smoothly as possible.

Source:, The Most Adoption-Friendly Workplaces, Alex Davidson, Oct. 10, 2013

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