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September 2013 Archives

New Jersey divorce numbers may increase as economy increases

Statistics are now showing that our nation's economy may be back on the rise. However, as our economy becomes stronger, the cost of some things may be lowering, such as divorce. During the period when our country was in a recession many people did not have the financial stability to separate, but now that the economy in New Jersey is on the rise, many of these people can finally end their marriage.

Drops in global adoption may affect some New Jersey residents

There are children all over the world that are waiting to be adopted. Likewise, there are loving families in New Jersey and elsewhere that have been waiting months or even years to adopt one of these children. A recent study suggested that other countries are not allowing as many international adoptions. If this is true, adoption proceedings could become more difficult.

Divorce in New Jersey could be surrounded by misconceptions

It is regularly reported that about half of all marriages end in divorce, so the concept of a legal separation is a familiar one. Regretfully, divorce can often be difficult at the time of a separation. The parties typically benefit by gaining an understanding of the legal consequences after their separation takes effect. If this does not occur, some spouses find themselves backed into a corner without being aware of how to fix the problem.

Collaborative divorce in New Jersey may help lower legal expenses

Divorces are often surrounded in bitterness, and hurt on at least one side of the split. They can sometimes take months or even years to resolve, and thousands of dollars can be spent by each side. Couples in New Jersey and elsewhere never plan to separate, and when they do they are usually not able to be hospitable. This may be why if two people are able to come to a mutual agreement and have a collaborative divorce that each party could save a great deal of money as well as pain.