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New Jersey parents can be flexible on child support payments

Many New Jersey readers would agree that going through a divorce can be an overwhelming process. In situations where children are involved, the subject of child custody and child support may become part of the discussion. Either parent may end up the one who keeps the children a majority of the time, however, it's important for New Jersey parents to work together as a team and be flexible with each other. Events can occur in either parent's life that causes circumstances to change.

During the child support and child custody process, spouses usually discuss negotiations through mediation or by themselves if they are able to work together. When a parent is awarded child support payments, it's important for parents who are receiving it to program themselves as if they were never receiving payments in the first place. This can be done by simply putting away some sort of savings just in case child support does not come on time. Sometimes, the other parent's financial circumstances may change, resulting in delayed payments.

If there are significant changes in a parent's finances, the obligated parent has the option of changing the child support payment amount. Typically, a significant change in finances is at least a 10 percent income difference. Other adjustments that could occur are the living arrangements of the children. If the children went from living with one parent to living with the other parent, that's considered a significant change.

New Jersey parents who are ending their marriage should consider focusing on working out child custody and child support matters in a flexible and fair manner. By placing the needs of the children above all else and making a genuine attempt to work as a team, it is possible to come to an agreement without going to court. However, when working as a team proves impossible, the civil court system in New Jersey handles these types of disputes to ensure each parent is treated fairly.

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