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Legislation proposed for 24-hour domestic violence hotline

A councilmember in the nation's capital has proposed a bill to develop a 24-hour telephone hotline specifically catering to domestic violence victims within the city. The bill suggests the hotline not be managed by the home district, but by a secondary body like My Sister's Place, an international domestic violence support organization. The issue of providing support networks for domestic violence victims continues to be a strong focus of governments in New Jersey and across the country.

The argument for the hotline to be managed by My Sister's Place, or a similar non-profit organization, stems from the organization's ability to develop and implement an effective publicity campaign. The key to developing a successful hotline program seems to lie in sufficient funding and public support. Organizations like My Sister's Place are already well-established in communities across America, including New Jersey, and command considerable public interest.

The councilmember has not explicitly stated whether the District of Columbia would help to fund such a project. Instead, he has suggested the cost be studied by individual cities and funding sought elsewhere. The reputation of organizations like My Sister's Place may also be of benefit in raising funds for the hotline program, which would require considerable funding to run the stated 24 hours a day.

The value of a 24-hour hotline to support victims of domestic violence cannot be overstated. Many American cities, including some in New Jersey, could benefit by such a program by providing sufficient services to address the serious issues faced by callers. By passing this bill, D.C. officials can help to mitigate the negative impact of domestic violence on victims, both locally and nationally. Affording victims a service specifically designed to help them find the legal support they need to extricate themselves from dangerous situations has the potential to change many lives for the better.

Source: dcist.com, "Wells Proposes 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline," Benjamin R. Freed, March 26, 2013

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