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March 2013 Archives

Legislation proposed for 24-hour domestic violence hotline

A councilmember in the nation's capital has proposed a bill to develop a 24-hour telephone hotline specifically catering to domestic violence victims within the city. The bill suggests the hotline not be managed by the home district, but by a secondary body like My Sister's Place, an international domestic violence support organization. The issue of providing support networks for domestic violence victims continues to be a strong focus of governments in New Jersey and across the country.

New Jersey divorce often includes negotiations

When a couple in New Jersey decides to end their marriage in divorce, they most often enter into negotiations to resolve a host of issues. Among other things, these discussions are intended to reach an agreement to divide the assets that a couple has obtained during a marriage. If former spouses are unable to agree, the court can be asked to make the final division decisions in a divorce.

Support may be necessary to deal with New Jersey divorce

Divorce can bring a myriad of emotions upon a person, causing depression or even anxiety. Some New Jersey residents in the midst of a difficult marital split may find the services of a therapist or other knowledgeable party extremely helpful. If the split turns acrimonious, a mediator is also another option that can open the lines of communication and ease the toll a difficult divorce can take on a person.

New Jersey divorce: Alimony reform looming?

Alimony has been a hot button issue in the state of New Jersey for months now, especially with the possibility of alimony reform looming. A Feb. 8 blog posting didn't specifically address reform within the state, but instead focused on addressing alimony issues spouses across the country are currently experiencing. Couples who have gone through a divorce often find themselves struggling to keep up with alimony and child support payments, especially with the current state of the economy. One of the biggest issues with the state's alimony policy is that sometimes, even with a major life change, it is difficult for people to have their alimony payments lowered.