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New Jersey family able to complete overseas adoption

A New Jersey family has been successful in completing their overseas adoption, despite fears that it might be halted. The family was one of dozens affected by the country's recent adoption ban against hopeful American parents, made effective on January 1. They made a point to ensure that their voices were heard about the issue and raised awareness about their plight by talking to local lawmakers and using social media.

They were able to leave on schedule to pick the child up, but were unsure whether they would be allowed to leave the country with him. A state Assemblywoman and Representative interceded on their behalf and contacted the State Department about the adoption. By then, the country's president had stated that adoptions that were already approved and near completion could proceed.

Although they experienced an unexpected delay, they were soon able to pick their son up from his orphanage and travel back to Moscow. Only a short few days later, they were back in the United States with their son. He is adapting well to the new country, and the couple has now stated that they hope to assist other families through the adoption process.

New Jersey couples going through the adoption process are aware of the length and cost that can be involved. Fortunately, this family has a happy ending to their story and now has a child to call their own. Other families experiencing issues while attempting to adopt may want to enlist the aid of someone knowledgeable in the state's adoption laws. Although not all adoptions require legal assistance, some, especially private adoptions, may require the need for extra help.

Source:, "N.J. Couple Completes Russian Adoption, Despite Ban," Dustin Racioppi, Feb. 15, 2013

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