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February 2013 Archives

New Jersey family able to complete overseas adoption

A New Jersey family has been successful in completing their overseas adoption, despite fears that it might be halted. The family was one of dozens affected by the country's recent adoption ban against hopeful American parents, made effective on January 1. They made a point to ensure that their voices were heard about the issue and raised awareness about their plight by talking to local lawmakers and using social media.

New Jersey parents arrested in child support sweep

Child support payments may not always be easy to make, especially if a parent has suffered some type of financial hardship. However, child support is necessary, and the law requires that both parents support their children financially. When a parent is experiencing trouble making their payments, they may need to seek the intervention of the courts.

New Jersey divorce proceedings can drag on if couples don't agree

New Jersey fans of Kim Kardashian have probably been following the latest news concerning her divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries. The newest twist in the lengthy divorce saga concerns the reality star's pregnancy. She has asked for a judge to declare the marriage officially over so she can move on with her life. The proceedings have dragged on since Oct. 2011.

New Jersey divorce: Permanent alimony under fire

New Jersey alimony has been making headlines lately. One of the few states left to allow permanent alimony has placed the practice under a microscope and has some people crying foul. Those who receive permanent alimony after a divorce will receive a check for the rest of their lives, prompting some to forego work or even remarriage. Critics of the practice liken it to winning the lottery.