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January 2013 Archives

New Jersey child support: Man claims he shouldn't have to pay

New Jersey and other states have laws in place requiring parents to support their children in the event of a separation or divorce. One man took the battle to court after an order required him to provide financial support for the two children born during his marriage. They were conceived through artificial insemination and were not his biological children. Although he provided for them during the marriage and after the separation, once he filed for divorce, he claimed there should not be a requirement to pay child support.

New Jersey divorce: Separation can disrupt retirement

Gray divorces have been in the news quite a bit these days. Research now shows one person out of four currently involved in a divorce is likely to be older than 50. These numbers are a significant increase from three decades ago, when the number of older Americans getting divorced was less than one out of 10. Divorce can be expensive, especially when couples cannot agree on a property settlement. For older New Jersey residents, it can impact their retirement savings, potentially placing them in danger of financial problems at the same time they should be able to begin enjoying life without work.

New Jersey child custody: Marine regains custody of son

New Jersey military parents may commiserate with the plight of a Marine who had child custody stripped after an Afghanistan deployment. Fortunately, the Marine will soon regain custody. An appeal's court reversed a ruling that granted primary custody of the child to the mother. The couple was active duty military when they married. However, they divorced only a year after they were married, and the father gained primary child custody.

Sorting out fact versus fiction in a New Jersey divorce

New Jersey couples considering marriage may worry about the statistics concerning marital success. Although this country has a high divorce rate, several myths about a marital separation are actually less grim than they are made out to be. It can be difficult to make a marriage work, but if a couple is delaying a divorce due to custody issues or fears of financial ruin, it may be worth taking the time to fully understand the statistics related to it.

Facebook evidence can be used in New Jersey child support cases

Facebook has landed another parent in trouble over child support issues. A man involved in a felony child support case reportedly posted pictures alluding to a luxurious lifestyle, in direct odds to the fact he is thousands of dollars behind on his payments. New Jersey parents struggling to make their court ordered payments can request a child support modification if they are able to prove a hardship. However, parents who don't receive timely payments and feel like the other parent may be hiding assets can also take them to court to receive the money they are entitled to.