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New Jersey family law: Couple accused of child deprivation

Matters of child custody can be difficult for New Jersey families and sometimes those matters can be serious enough to end with families battling in a family law court. Other times such an issue could lead to a situation where criminal charges are filed. The former daughter-in-law of a Congressman has been accused of child deprivation after she fled to Mexico with her three sons. When families are involved in family law issues involving delicate custody matters like this one, it can end up in court with both sides battling for the children.

The woman and her husband apparently left the country in 2007 without telling the boy's grandparents where they were going. The two were facing criminal charges of depriving the boy's grandparents of visitation rights after they took their children out of the country. Authorities were able to finally track the couple and their children to Mexico in 2011.

The criminal matter was resolved in a Texas court when the parents changed their plea from not guilty to no contest in order to spare their children from having to testify. The mother has publicly claimed that the children's father had abused them. Since the criminal charges were brought against the parents, the boys are now under a temporary guardianship and currently living with their paternal grandparents.

Family law matters concerning custody can be difficult, especially if there are accusations of abuse. In such cases, New Jersey family members may have legal rights available to them to ensure they receive visitation rights allowable under the law. Although state laws vary, many states have laws that govern the rights of grandparents to visit their children. When these rights are violated, grandparents typically have the right to take such matters to the courts for resolution.

Source: Claremont-La Verne Patch, "Congressman's Former Daughter-in-law Pleads No Contest to Child Deprivation," Nov. 8, 2012

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