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Reconciliation fails: Dennis Quaid's wife files for separation

Divorce can affect any New Jersey resident, regardless of their wealth or social status. This was proven this month by Dennis Quaid, who is back in the news again after his wife filed for legal separation. Back in March she had filed divorce paperwork, but later chose to reconcile with her husband.

Reports stated that the legal separation paperwork is merely a formality and that divorce paperwork would soon follow. The couple has been together for eight years. They are the parents of twins.

The original divorce filing claimed that they were splitting up due to a conflict of personalities. However, about a month after filing the paperwork, Quaid's wife pulled the papers and attempted to make the marriage work. Unfortunately, the reconciliation did not appear to be successful. The new legal separation paperwork is likely a way of hammering out their separate rights and responsibilities prior to the divorce filing. This can be a good way for couples to come to an agreement before divorce paperwork is actually finalized.

Judges in divorce cases where legal separations are involved often use such agreements as starting points for hammering out divorce decrees. This is why it is important for New Jersey residents to ensure that they are happy with the terms of the legal separation agreements. Such paperwork can be difficult to change once their case gets to divorce court. In many cases, since the couple has already agreed on many issues, the terms of the divorce will remain the same as the legal separation paperwork. This could result in a quicker divorce, but could also lead unprepared spouses into unfavorable consequences if they do not fully understand their separation agreement.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Dennis Quaid divorce back in play; wife files for separation," Christie D'Zurilla, Oct. 19, 2012

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