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New Jersey child support: Man struggles to find a job and pay

New Jersey child support can be a touchy issue for people who are supposed to receive it as well as for those required to pay it. Once the divorce is finalized, it is likely that one parent will be required to pay child support for any children from that marriage. Sometimes though, unforeseen circumstances occur that can make it difficult to continue paying the required amount.

Such is the case for a former agricultural commissioner who has requested a reduction in his child support. The man has cited no job prospects and a lack of income in his request. The man is also recovering from hip surgery and states that his surgery has made it difficult to find another job. He is also under investigation for alleged legal and ethical violations during his time spent as the agricultural commissioner. He has stated that although he has met with several potential employers, they are all hesitant to hire him due to the pending investigation.

The man's wife filed for divorce last year and testimony shows that he is required to pay child support for three children based on his prior salary. However, the man claims he is dependent upon his parents for financial support and is bringing in less than $500 a month. He is required to pay $1,227 per month in child support but is struggling to make his payments. He has requested a temporary reduction for several months while he works to physically recover from his surgery and find another job.

Sometimes unexpected things happen in life that can make it difficult to make timely child support payments. Beyond the status of someone's wealth at any given point, financial circumstances can quickly change, causing difficulty in making ends meet. New Jersey parents in that scenario may have options available to them through the court. This case highlights the wide variety of modifications that a court can make in regard to child support. If a valid hardship exists, even a temporary reduction in child support payments can be requested to allow someone time to get back on their feet and make ends meet again.

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