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Divorce: Study links cold feet to marital trouble

For many New Jersey couples who are engaged, getting cold feet prior to the wedding is relatively normal. However, new research appears to have found a link between pre-wedding jitters and a higher rate of divorce. The study surveyed 232 couples over a period of four years and found that two-thirds of the people surveyed had at least one partner who reported getting cold feet prior to their wedding.

Out of all of the couples surveyed, 12 percent of the marriages ended in divorce. With such concerning results, couples who are about to enter matrimony may want to consider the option of a prenuptial agreement, as such an agreement can help protect one's assets and could set his or her mind at ease before walking down the aisle.

The most significant trend was found on the female side of the marital equation. While only 8 percent of the women who didn't get cold feet divorced, a whopping 19 percent of the women who did have apprehension ended up getting divorced. Respectively, among the men surveyed, 14 percent of the ones who entered into a marriage with pre-wedding jitters ended up divorcing within the four-year study period.

Researchers followed up with the survey couples every six months for a period of four years. At each follow-up period, they asked them questions about their marital satisfaction and if they were still married to the same partner. When the results are all taken together, there appears to be a link between couples who had cold feet and a higher divorce rate, especially with women.

Many New Jersey residents know how difficult a divorce can be. Whether this new research makes a difference in the marital rate is unknown, but it is also important to remember the data was gathered several years ago. With changing social norms and relationship values, the statistics on this sort of issue are likely to change often. However, the results could send an important message about the power of intuition, and also suggests a greater need for advance planning when it comes to marriage. Using a prenuptial agreement may help couples feel more at ease with the situation and could make walking down the aisle a little easier because each party knows that regardless of what happens in years to come, their financial future is likely secure.

Source: Business Insider, "Getting 'Cold Feet' Is A Sign Of Trouble Ahead," Jennifer Welsh, Sept. 13, 2012

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