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June 2012 Archives

New Jersey may soon see alimony reform

The state of New Jersey is taking a hard look at the alimony laws. Critics of 'lifetime' alimony are seeking a way to reform the state's laws and reduce the amount and length of alimony one can be required to pay after a divorce is finalized. In the Garden State, approximately 25,000 out of 280,000 spouses who are divorce are required to pay alimony. However, those who do pay after a divorce normally are required to pay a hefty sum.

Parents watch as international child support treaty moves forward

Many parents face difficulty in collecting unpaid child support from their former partner. In addition to the daily responsibilities of raising and caring for one or more children, many New Jersey parents find themselves having to play the part of bill collector when the other parent neglects to meet his or her child support obligations. This scenario is challenging when the other parent lives on the other side of town. Imagine the complications when that parent lives on the other side of the world.

Military divorce can occur due to unrealistic expectations

Defense Department records show the current military divorce rate in New Jersey and around the rest of the nation continues to escalate. In 2001, the divorce rate was 2.6 percent. In 2011, the divorce rate jumped to 3.7 percent, and if current studies are accurate, these rates will continue to climb. Couples divorce for many reasons, but one Navy wife has shared her story about what ultimately led to the demise of her military marriage.

Protecting a 401k during a divorce

New Jersey couples looking to divorce likely have an ever-growing series of questions and issues to which they seek resolution. While the question of staying together may have been definitively answered, several other questions linger: Who gets the house? Who gets the dog? What about my retirement? What about my business interests?