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Potential Signs of Domestic Violence and Guidance for Its Victims

The harm done to those in an abusive relationship can be catastrophic, in some cases leading to long-term or permanent physical and/or emotional damage, or worse. However, many victims of domestic violence may be uncertain that abuse is present within the relationship until it is too late. Individuals in New Jersey and across the country are making constant efforts to inform others of the dangers of abuse, as well as the potential indicating signs.

Many victims may inherently be aware of the danger, especially if physical violence is present. However, they might be uncertain of how to escape a relationship, or even afraid to do so. Sometimes, a victim may even feel as though it isn’t a significant issue, and while it may start with a simple slap or shove, such acts of violence may worsen over time.

In others, abuse might be more subtle, such as constant insults in private or in public. An abusive partner may also seek total control over the relationship by attempting to force the other into submission, often allowing him or her no say at all in any decisions. Even if the other party never resorts to violence, emotional abuse can be just as harmful, and having awareness of the indicating signs could help a person avoid a potentially disastrous outcome.

Although identifying the signs of domestic violence is a step in the right direction, many victims may be uncertain where to go from there. Those who wish to protect themselves from the potential harm of domestic violence could speak with an attorney in New Jersey for advice on available options, such as a restraining order. A family law attorney can address a client’s concerns and assist him or her in protecting against further harm.

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