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Protecting a Child from the Dangers of Domestic Violence

A child should never have to live in an abusive environment. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a serious issue that many kids have been forced to experience first hand. A parent may wish to shield his or her kids by removing them from harm’s way but may be uncertain how to achieve this goal. Courts in New Jersey and across the country consider the needs of a child to be of the utmost importance and will take steps to ensure his or her safety.

Kids who are forced to endure such violent treatment can suffer both physically and emotionally. In some cases, abuse may cause them to develop various issues later in life. There are two common scenarios in which a court will step in to protect a child:  if there are criminal charges of abuse against a parent, or if the couple is divorcing.

In either scenario, the court may give sole custody of the kids to the other parent. In order to protect the child, the court could also issue and enforce a restraining order against the abusive parent. In addition, a set location and time may be implemented for supervised visitation between him or her and the child.

Attempting to leave an abusive relationship can be frightening at first, but may ultimately lead to a much healthier situation for a parent and his or her children. When facing such a stressful and intimidating period in life, a parent in New Jersey could speak with an attorney for assistance throughout the process. A family law attorney can advise a client on how to protect his or her children from domestic violence in the present, as well as in the future.

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