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Negative Impact on Victims of Domestic Violence in New Jersey

No matter the nature of the relationship, living with abuse is never the answer. Reports of domestic violence have increased across the country, prompting many to speak out against it in an attempt to help others escape an unhealthy situation. There are still a vast number of victims who continue to endure abuse, fearing that a report will have disastrous consequences. Many hope this number will decrease as more outlets of assistance become available for victims in New Jersey.

Studies show that over 11,000 women across the country died as a result of abuse over a recent ten-year period. Many more have suffered physical and/or emotional harm in similar situations, some of which will never fully recover. The damage done to a person’s well-being under this type of violence can be catastrophic. While these studies were mainly focused on women, anyone can suffer as a result of domestic violence.

Fear can be a strong motivator, leading many to keep any issues at home to themselves. In some cases, it may not be fear of retaliation that makes a person stay, uncertainty with regards to moving on may also play a factor. Many people spend so much time in an unhealthy situation that they become incapable of change. The increase in available assistance can go a long way in getting victims to step forward and, in turn, save them from a destructive situation.

No one should be forced to remain in an abusive relationship. There are legal options available to victims of domestic violence, such as restraining orders, that can keep them safe from future harm. When facing a similar situation, victims in New Jersey often speak with an experienced family law attorney for advice on how to protect themselves from any further abuse.