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Child Support Nonpayment, Father Owes over $100,000

The hope and expectation for New Jersey courts that have ordered a child support amount and for the parent who will be receiving child support payments are that the payments are made in full and on time. Unfortunately, it is all too common for nonpayment to occur. If for some reason the non-custodial parent has a change in the situation, like severe illness, job change or loss, he or she may petition the court for a formal child support modification.

A mother in another state is struggling to get her children what they need and want because she has received a small fraction of what her ex-husband was ordered to pay in child support. The couple had three children together. When they split in 2002, the court ordered him to pay $365 a month and awarded custody of the children to the mother.

Child Support records show that the man has paid about $15,700, though he has gone complete years with no payments at all. He currently owes over $100,000 in back payments. Numerous times, authorities have sought the man out to collect payments or to escort him to jail, but they have come up empty-handed; reportedly, his address remains unknown.

New Jersey citizens who are struggling because of a delinquent parent not paying his or her court-ordered child support payments may choose to speak to a family lawyer. An experienced attorney may be able to assist with obtaining overdue payments. Furthermore, if a parent owing child support has suffered a substantial change in financial circumstances, help is available to seek a child support modification in court.

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