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At Lane & Lane, LLC, we understand that family law matters are personal. Many areas of family law deal with issues regarding your children, your house, and your finances. As such, we focus exclusively on family law to be able to best serve our clients. Whether you require an attorney to assist you with your litigated divorce, need assistance resolving a child custody dispute, or would like help modifying a post-divorce issue, we are dedicated to helping you achieve success.

As family law matters carry such importance, hiring a family law attorney committed to helping you secure the best possible results can make all the difference for you and your family.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?

An experienced family law attorney can provide you with legal advice, protect your rights, and more. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider consulting with a family lawyer:

Legal protection and advocacy

Family law matters can get complicated. If you want to ensure your rights and interests are protected during your case, it would be best to hire a seasoned attorney for assistance.

Also, if you do not have the legal knowledge or experience to pursue your case on your own, you could make a mistake, which may put you and your family in a compromised position in the future. You also want to avoid getting taken advantage of as well.

Ensure you file the proper legal paperwork

You do not want to file the wrong paperwork and delay a family law matter, especially if it concerns your divorce or your children. If you accidentally draft a document incorrectly or fail to properly serve a document, a judge has the discretion to exclude it.

Help protect your finances

A family law attorney is there to protect your best interests. As such, he/she will help make sure you are entitled to the proper amount of spousal support and child support. He/she can also advocate for you to ensure your assets are divided in a fair manner and determine if your spouse is hiding any assets.

Essentially, an experienced family law attorney can help you avoid mistakes, future regrets, and other mishaps that could negatively affect your future.

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At Lane & Lane, LLC, we strive to provide our clients with the legal advice and support they need to resolve their family law matters effectively so they can move forward with their lives. We offer a wide range of family law services to cover all your needs, whether you are a business professional, high net worth individual, or white-collar worker. Our goal is to help you resolve your matter in the way that best suits you and your situation.

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  • “He gave me the facts straight and handled me as well as my dispute excellently.”

    - Gary R.
  • “I've learned so much from him while working together on my divorce case.”

    - Ching F.
  • “He guided me through the process and settled my nerves when I was apprehensive. He has my best interests and made sure I was protected. He really knew his business and I am so happy that I selected him to represent me. He made himself available to me almos”

    - Myria T.

Let us devote our time to your case  that can range from divorce, child custody, equitable distribution, domestic violence and more. We are committed to find an end solution that you and your family can walk away from with peace of mind.