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Some Reasons for Seeking Child Support Modification in New Jersey

Life changes. Children get older and divorced New Jersey parents who make child support payments may find that changes in their children’s circumstances or their own circumstances, may call for a child support modification. A change in child support can either be short or long term. But the one thing the court will ask to see is proof that there needs to be some adjustment made.

One of the main reasons to seek modification in child support is because of a change in an income situation. If the parent making support payments has a significant cut in income or has lost his or her job, the court may agree to modify support payments. By the same token, the primary caregiving parent may seek an increase in child support if he or she can’t make ends meet and if deemed in the best interests of the children. Also, when children’s needs change, so too can the need for additional funds.

Changes to child support may also ensue if the parent who is paying the support has an increase in his or her income. The custodial parent may decide to petition the court for an increase in child support payments if this should be the case. When a court agrees to a one-time increase in support it’s usually because the child is in need of something particularly costly like braces on his or her teeth or supplies for school.

child support modification request may come with many issues that might need to be clarified for both parents. A New Jersey lawyer may be able to shed light on confusing questions by providing insight into the legalities concerning child support issues. An attorney can offer advice and support at every step of the way.