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January 2019 Archives

Federal workers may face child support enforcement actions

For those New Jersey parents who are coming out of the recent government shutdown, making good on outstanding financial obligations is a central focus. In some cases, expenses were accrued during the shutdown that must now be covered, which can throw a budget out of balance. For federal workers who fell behind on child support during the shutdown, fears of enforcement action may be weighing heavily on their minds. 

Protecting mental and emotional health during divorce process

Ending a marriage is a complex process, and it can beneficial for people about to initiate this process to prepare themselves for what is ahead. Making the effort to do this can help a person avoid complications, additional emotional trauma and unnecessary stress. It might be helpful for someone in New Jersey about to file for divorce to take note of what other people wished they knew when walking through this process.

Divorce: The link between financial stress and marital conflict

It might not be all that uncommon for married couples in New Jersey to experience hardships at times, especially where money is concerned. Financial stress can affect a marriage in various ways, and while the issues a couple experience could start out small, these issues can build up over time. Similar concerns could create a rift in a relationship that may ultimately leave a couple wondering if divorce is the healthiest choice for everyone.

Thomas Ravenel is seeking sole child custody, alleges drug abuse

New Jersey parents often have problems when it comes to devising co-parenting plans. The court's decisions are made in children's best interests, but disputes can arise if parents disagree on what is best for their kids. In most situations, barring extenuating circumstances that may prompt a judge to deem a particular parent unfit, the court believes that most children fare best in shared custody situations. However, if one parent has evidence that the other's presence places children at risk, he or she may petition the court for sole child custody, as TV star Thomas Ravenel has done.

Will my child custody agreement stop my out-of-state move?

Whether for work, family or more personal reasons, leaving New Jersey and moving to a new state is sometimes a necessary part of life. While this can be complicated enough, throwing in a divorce and child custody agreement can make things absolutely confusing. Will you be allowed to bring your child with you, or will they have to stay with your ex? That all depends on a variety of factors. 

Filing a motion for modification to child support payments

There are many parents in New Jersey and elsewhere who make monthly payments to another party to provide financial support for their children. However, over time, one's circumstances could change, which may in turn impact one's ability to keep up with child support payments. Those who struggle to meet this financial obligation may benefit from knowing the scenarios in which they may be eligible to request a modification to the original arrangement.