" Just let me begin by saying that I wish that I had met Dan Lane while I was in the midst of my divorce. However, I never dreamt that after my divorce was finalized I would need a divorce attorney once again. It turned out that although I had an alimony agreement in place, it was possible for my ex-husband to reduce my alimony considerably. Luckily, I met Dan Lane at just the right time and he was able to address this unfair loop hole. My previous attorney had really missed details that should have been put in place to protect met. Dan was able to resolve my issue, in a timely fair manner. Thank you Lane & Lane. And remember, "it's not over till the fat lady sings", or you hire the right attorney and you never have to look back." - Jodi

" Can't say enough good things about Dan and his firm. The way he handled the issues and the day in court. Knowledgeable and caring. Thanks Dan!" - Jon

" Dan worked diligently on my case, and was friendly and professional throughout the process. I will contact him again in the future should I ever need further legal representation. He is a pleasure to work with."

" Dan was great to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with. Working with Dan made my first time home buying experience worry free. I would definitely recommend Dan."

" He was very knowledgeable, trustworthy, and informative lawyer, during the whole process. Always keep me informed of the process and how things would work, any questions I had he was always there to listen and get me an answer for anything I had a concern with, I would totally recommend him and the firm to anyone." - Michele

" Daniel Lane provided thorough, concrete, and very timely legal advice and solutions in a number of legal matters and I would highly recommend relying on him should you need his service." - Eric

" I used Dan for my divorce. He is very knowledgeable on divorce law. If I was to give a couple of critiques it would be: (1) I was no aware that lawyers charge for things like phone calls and that surprised me given I had some lengthy ones with him, but I guess time is money as they say. (2) I was unaware of the average cost of a divorce but to be fair, Dan was fair with his pricing, in fact I think there were times he jumped through hoops for me and did not charge me for doing so. However, all in all, Dan Lane is an excellent divorce/family court lawyer who knows the system well. He is personable, easy to talk to, straightforward, and (again) there are times when he will help you outside of the realm. In a way he felt like a brother to me. If you are thinking of a great divorce lawyer in Somerset County I would recommend Dan Lane."

" My wife and I had Daniel Lane write up our last will and testaments, living wills, etc. Being a father himself, Daniel understood our concerns and walked us clearly through the process, leaving us feeling confident our children will be cared for it anything ever happened to us. If peace of mind is what you are looking for, I recommend Daniel."

" Divorce is a traumatic event, no matter how much both parties involved try to work through the process. Lane & Lane were a great sounding board to my concerns and needs. They listened and protected me from opposing counsel's comments and demands. I highly recommend Lane and Lane to represent you if this personal need arises." - Pete

" Lane and Lane LLC is highly professional and stands out from the rest! Not only are they reliable, so your mind is at easy that they will get the job done, but they are personable and have their clients best interest at heart. Lane & Lane truly has their client's back, and we are so grateful to them." - Antonella