Appealing a Court Decision

An appeal involves a higher court reviewing a lower court's ruling to determine if there were legal errors that affected the outcome. You have the right to appeal a decision of any type of case, including family law matters.

The law firm of Lane & Lane, LLC, has experience with appeals and has argued many cases before the Appellate Courts. Steven Lane is admitted to appear before the United States District Court of New Jersey and the United States Supreme Court in addition to the New jersey Court system. He also prepared the Legal Brief on the New jersey Supreme Court case: Kazin v Kazin, 81 N.J. 85 (1979).

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Other Types of Appeals

You can also appeal a decision from a personal injury case or a municipal court case. It's not unusual for these cases to end up in higher courts. Don't wait too late to contact a lawyer, though. Most appeals have a 45-day filing deadline from the date of the original decision.

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