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Posts tagged "Child Support"

Facebook evidence can be used in New Jersey child support cases

Facebook has landed another parent in trouble over child support issues. A man involved in a felony child support case reportedly posted pictures alluding to a luxurious lifestyle, in direct odds to the fact he is thousands of dollars behind on his payments. New Jersey parents struggling to make their court ordered payments can request a child support modification if they are able to prove a hardship. However, parents who don't receive timely payments and feel like the other parent may be hiding assets can also take them to court to receive the money they are entitled to.

New Jersey comedian ordered to pay back child support

A nationally known comedian from New Jersey is at the center of a child support dispute. Joe Piscopo has been accused of falling behind on child support payments totaling approximately $30,000. He has now been ordered to pay his ex-wife $10,000 by the end of December. If he fails to pay his required obligation, it could mean the comedian will serve jail time.

New Jersey child support: Legal assistance can help recoup money

New Jersey parents embroiled in child support battles know how frustrating it can be to not receive the money that they and their children are entitled to receive. Such battles can end up in court repeatedly and can sometimes result in criminal charges for the other parent. One man has been jailed after being accused of owing $80,000 in back child support.

New Jersey divorce: Some can't be settled out of court

Divorce is rarely a simple or uncomplicated issue. Some New Jersey residents are able to settle their divorce without any bitterness or drawn-out court battles, but for many this is simply not possible. Whether it is due to bitter feelings or high emotions, sometimes a divorce can be appealed all the way up to a state Supreme Court. Such is the case for a wealthy couple who divorced and could not agree on issues of child support and custody.

New Jersey child support: Man struggles to find a job and pay

New Jersey child support can be a touchy issue for people who are supposed to receive it as well as for those required to pay it. Once the divorce is finalized, it is likely that one parent will be required to pay child support for any children from that marriage. Sometimes though, unforeseen circumstances occur that can make it difficult to continue paying the required amount.

Somerville child support: Parents who hide income risk jail

Many Somerville residents use Facebook as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. However, now Facebook is making headlines for an entirely different reason. Investigators have tapped the social networking site as a way to gain information about a man who is currently behind on his child support payments.

Parents watch as international child support treaty moves forward

Many parents face difficulty in collecting unpaid child support from their former partner. In addition to the daily responsibilities of raising and caring for one or more children, many New Jersey parents find themselves having to play the part of bill collector when the other parent neglects to meet his or her child support obligations. This scenario is challenging when the other parent lives on the other side of town. Imagine the complications when that parent lives on the other side of the world.

Going through a divorce? Get organized!

Going through a divorce is not easy, and that is probably an understatement. For many, it is an emotional rollercoaster, and it can be all the more difficult when the other spouse is not being cooperative. However, there is one simple thing that a New Jersey resident going through a divorce can do to make the process easier: organization.

New Jersey man arrested for back-due child support

In these tough economic times, many New Jersey parents may be experiencing difficulty regarding their financial obligations. In some cases, those obligations may include court-ordered child support to the custodial parent. However, a failure to pay this support may not only lead to criminal and civil penalties, but it also may place the well-being of the child in jeopardy.