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Posts tagged "Child Support"

Divorce can be emotional, complex process in New Jersey

When divorce occurs, both parties naturally feel hurt and even bitter toward the other person. The situation is particularly emotional because two individuals who once were passionate about one another typically have now become passionate about ditching the relationship and moving on with their lives. The trick is figuring out how they will split their marital assets in the least conflict-ridden way possible. A few tips can help a divorcing individual in New Jersey to keep the divorce process moving smoothly.

New Jersey child support: Parents who owe may get help

As many of our New Jersey readers know, it's unfortunately all too easy in today's economy to unintentionally fall behind in child support payments. One man in another state ordered to pay child support has fallen behind on his payments. He is willing, but his job does not pay him enough. Due to him missing payments, his license has been suspended and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Fortunately for this man, he was able to find help for catching up on his child support payments.

Divorce Hotel may help couples in New Jersey and across America

Divorce can seem to bring out the worst of emotions in people and represents the tail end of a relationship gone wrong. One international company is trying to change this, however, and instead want divorce to be a kind of relaxing experience. The company, named Divorce Hotel, is built on the premise that divorce does not have to be ugly; couples can enjoy a weekend at a resort while they cut their marital ties.

New Jersey parents can be flexible on child support payments

Many New Jersey readers would agree that going through a divorce can be an overwhelming process. In situations where children are involved, the subject of child custody and child support may become part of the discussion. Either parent may end up the one who keeps the children a majority of the time, however, it's important for New Jersey parents to work together as a team and be flexible with each other. Events can occur in either parent's life that causes circumstances to change.

New Jersey man arrested for failing to pay child support

Receiving child support can be critical for the parent providing primary care for the children. With the changing economy and the rising costs, caring for a child is more expensive than ever. Most custodial parents depend on the child support they have been awarded to provide basic needs for their children. Recently, a New Jersey man who was arrested for DWI after crashing his motorcycle was also found to owe close to $3,800 in child support.

Three people arrested in New Jersey on child support warrants

After married couples decide to end their marriages, many will have to address various issues regarding any children involved in the divorce. Usually the parent without custody of the children will be required to make child support payments to the parent with custody. Additionally, failure to make these payments can result in arrest warrants. Three New Jersey residents recently found this out the hard way after being arrested for allegedly failing to make payments to support their children.

New Jersey Lotto winner hopes to gain child custody of his kids

Many of our New Jersey readers may now be quite familiar with the name of Pedro Quezada, the man who recently hit the $338 million Powerball jackpot. In addition to fame over his new fortune, the man also received some attention over the fact he owed nearly $30,000 in child support to the mother of three of his five children. Ultimately, however, Quezada took care of the past due support at a court appearance, and claimed that he would be gaining child custody of his children as well.

New Jersey divorce: Alimony reform looming?

Alimony has been a hot button issue in the state of New Jersey for months now, especially with the possibility of alimony reform looming. A Feb. 8 blog posting didn't specifically address reform within the state, but instead focused on addressing alimony issues spouses across the country are currently experiencing. Couples who have gone through a divorce often find themselves struggling to keep up with alimony and child support payments, especially with the current state of the economy. One of the biggest issues with the state's alimony policy is that sometimes, even with a major life change, it is difficult for people to have their alimony payments lowered.

New Jersey parents arrested in child support sweep

Child support payments may not always be easy to make, especially if a parent has suffered some type of financial hardship. However, child support is necessary, and the law requires that both parents support their children financially. When a parent is experiencing trouble making their payments, they may need to seek the intervention of the courts.

New Jersey child support: Man claims he shouldn't have to pay

New Jersey and other states have laws in place requiring parents to support their children in the event of a separation or divorce. One man took the battle to court after an order required him to provide financial support for the two children born during his marriage. They were conceived through artificial insemination and were not his biological children. Although he provided for them during the marriage and after the separation, once he filed for divorce, he claimed there should not be a requirement to pay child support.