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Can an unmarried father object to adoption of his child?

Unmarried fathers in New Jersey sometimes have to face many stumbling blocks when they want to be a part of their children's lives. In circumstances in which a mother wishes to give a baby up for adoption, fathers who have not been proactive in establishing paternity may be denied any say in the adoption decision. For an unmarried father to have any chance of preventing an adoption, he must be recognized as the father through voluntary paternity acknowledgement at the time of the baby's birth or through DNA paternity testing, and a commitment to responsible parenting must be evident.

Adoption: Court finds father was unsupportive during pregnancy

Unmarried New Jersey parents may have to navigate a road filled with stumbling blocks. It is not uncommon for a biological father to claim parental rights of a child born to a girlfriend. In some cases, this is perfectly understandable, and it may not be challenged by the mother. However, if the relationship was ended, the child may be given up for adoption, leaving the father to fight for his rights.

Same-sex couple wants birth certificate family law issues decided

Recently in the United States there have been some changes in family law in regards to rights for same-sex couples. The Supreme Court ruled that states cannot deny marriage rights to same-sex couples and that states must recognize the union. But is that equality in all rights of marriage that citizens have come to expect for opposite-sex couples? New Jersey residents may be interested in these types of family law issues. For example, one issue concerns a same-sex couple's fight in another state to have both parents names on their children's birth certificates.

Child support may not always reach the legal parent

Sometimes, it is a challenge for non-custodial parents to make their child support payments, whether in New Jersey or elsewhere. In fact, many are subject to wage garnishment through their employers, who then remit the payments to the appropriate state office of child support services. In many jurisdictions, more than half of all child support payments are handled through income withholding.

New Jersey County celebrates national adoption month

November is national adoption month in the United States, and it is a time to contemplate the hundreds of children who are adopted each year. These children are sometimes from countries all over the world or could even be from an organization in the potential parent's area. Nevertheless, the adoption of a child is typically a joyous experience for those involved. One county in New Jersey finalized dozens of adoptions on Nov. 20, national adoption day.

New Jersey company's adoption benefits are better than most

Adoption can be a very expensive process, though it is usually very rewarding in the end. Some employers do not have the benefits that fully support their employee if the worker decides to adopt a child. However, the owner of a popular food chain in New Jersey created a program that may help potential adopters see which employers offer the best benefits for someone looking to go down the road of adoption.

Drops in global adoption may affect some New Jersey residents

There are children all over the world that are waiting to be adopted. Likewise, there are loving families in New Jersey and elsewhere that have been waiting months or even years to adopt one of these children. A recent study suggested that other countries are not allowing as many international adoptions. If this is true, adoption proceedings could become more difficult.

Foster care adoption rate increases in New Jersey and elsewhere

Children are currently in foster care all across the United States. Certain companies in New Jersey and elsewhere are trying to pair children with couples who are thinking about adopting, and according to new statistics, it may be working. These statistics show that the adoption of children in foster care increased over the past year.

The family law debate over alimony and spousal support

When a married couple files for divorce, it is not uncommon for one spouse to have a better income and a better capacity to support his or herself financially. In these kinds of family law cases, New Jersey courts will often order the more financially successful spouse to pay the less affluent spouse alimony. However, in some areas of the United States, female ex-spouses are banding together, asking legislators for alimony reform.