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Child Custody Archives

New Jersey fans: Man wins child custody for NCAA title game day

An unusual request is making headlines and could be an interesting read for New Jersey sports fans. Many people know at least one person fanatical about their sports team, but one man has taken it to a new level with an interesting child custody demand. The man felt there was an imbalance in the amount of holiday requests his wife was making for the kids and the ones he made. Instead of arguing about it, he began to think about days that were special to him that he could share with his children.

Uphill battle probable for woman in child custody dispute

New Jersey mothers involved in child custody battles may be interested in a current story involving a mom seeking the return of her young daughter from overseas. The woman believes that her husband is violating a court order requiring him to bring her daughter home and should be held in contempt. The parents in this child custody battle are still married but the husband claims he is pursuing a divorce.

Child custody case over visitation rights results in father's victory

Parents in New Jersey may be interested in a recent news story covering a lengthy child custody case. The case has garnered national attention and finally appears to be close to resolution. A man who had his parental rights stripped and began a bitter child custody battle has finally gained the right to see his daughter again.