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Child Custody Archives

Holidays can present parenting time issues for families

When parents get divorced and agree to a parenting plan, the basic ideas about who gets the kids when are generally outlined and agreed upon. However, the upcoming holidays can throw a wrench in any parent's parenting time and schedule. While it can be difficult to work out the details, New Jersey parents can utilize a few tips to make the issue of parenting time a non-issue during the holidays.

How child custody can truly benefit the child

Filing for divorce may come with additional hurdles for couples who have children. In some cases, divorces where child custody must be determined can result in high-stress situations and more contentious divorce procedures. One thing that New Jersey parents may want to consider as they proceed with divorce is the emotional need that their children have to connect with both of their parents.

New Jersey parents can use civility in dividing parenting time

One of the most common concerns New Jersey couples face when planning a divorce is the impact a split will have on their children. Recently, a news report highlighted the importance of maintaining civility in co-parenting. It is inevitable that children will feel some impact from a divorce, especially when transitions take place surrounding parenting time. However, when parents choose to execute the process of divorce while putting children first, those effects can be minimal.

New Jersey Lotto winner hopes to gain child custody of his kids

Many of our New Jersey readers may now be quite familiar with the name of Pedro Quezada, the man who recently hit the $338 million Powerball jackpot. In addition to fame over his new fortune, the man also received some attention over the fact he owed nearly $30,000 in child support to the mother of three of his five children. Ultimately, however, Quezada took care of the past due support at a court appearance, and claimed that he would be gaining child custody of his children as well.

New Jersey child custody: Marine regains custody of son

New Jersey military parents may commiserate with the plight of a Marine who had child custody stripped after an Afghanistan deployment. Fortunately, the Marine will soon regain custody. An appeal's court reversed a ruling that granted primary custody of the child to the mother. The couple was active duty military when they married. However, they divorced only a year after they were married, and the father gained primary child custody.

Don't spoil the New Jersey holidays with child custody problems

New Jersey parents involved in an ongoing child custody dispute may want to start advanced planning for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year for a variety of reasons, but adding in an acrimonious split and topping it with child custody problems can tip a holiday dinner from lukewarm into explosive. Fortunately, there are options for parents who are required to split up visitation time once the children are out of school for the holidays.

New Jersey family law: Couple accused of child deprivation

Matters of child custody can be difficult for New Jersey families and sometimes those matters can be serious enough to end with families battling in a family law court. Other times such an issue could lead to a situation where criminal charges are filed. The former daughter-in-law of a Congressman has been accused of child deprivation after she fled to Mexico with her three sons. When families are involved in family law issues involving delicate custody matters like this one, it can end up in court with both sides battling for the children.

New Jersey man sues over child custody

A New Jersey man is suing the Division of Child Protection and Permanency after claiming that custody of his child is being denied to him. The lawsuit seeks $60 million and alleges that the man's civil and child custody rights have been violated ever since his son was born in 2007. The baby had cocaine in his system at the time of his birth, but the father denies any knowledge of drug use.

New Jersey child custody: Social media can help or even harm

Recent headlines have covered the effects that social media can have on divorce. However, new evidence shows that these tools are also being put to use by parents who are dealing with issues of child custody. New Jersey parents and those around the country who use texting, email or even social media sites to communicate with the ex-spouse about custody may find these tools invaluable, but when they are misused the result can be harmful to their children.

Mother could lose child custody over pageants

Somerville parents may have watched the reality show 'Toddlers & Tiaras' which airs on TLC. Regardless of one's personal feelings about the show, one mother is now under fire for allegedly "sexualizing" her daughter after allowing her to wear a Dolly Parton costume. She is now embroiled in an intense child custody battle with the little girl's father. He is seeking full custody and appears to have the backing of the court-ordered psychologist.