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Facebook used as a tool in child custody case

Dealing with divorce is challenging in itself, but often there is more at stake than just a dwindling relationship. A child custody battle adds to the trials of separation, and sometimes it is challenging to determine which parent should gain custody. New Jersey citizens may be interested in the recent custody battle in another state where a judge has allowed a Facebook profile to be used in the case as evidence.

Mother's life-threatening mistake, child custody at stake

There are many factors to consider when it comes to who gets custody of a child. A parent might be a great mom or dad in some aspects, but lacking or even dangerous for the child or children in other aspects. One parent might consider the other parent a threat or danger to the child. A recent rescue of a child locked in a vehicle in a New Jersey parking lot on a hot and muggy day suggests that the mother might be unfit for child custody.

Child custody cases for victims of accident need proper review

New Jersey residents may be interested to know that an injured woman plans to fight to keep physical custody of her child. While a disabling injury could alter a person's ability to care for a child, and therefore may alter the child custody agreement, there should be a definitive risk to the child to require taking away a parent's rights. The woman in question in this case was injured at Fenway Park when a bat broke and then hit her.

New Jersey child custody battles seek equal parenting time

Some men in New Jersey and throughout the United States have begun to fight harder in courts regarding the time they will have with their children after a separation or a divorce. These men are fighting for equal rights in child custody for men as well as women. They want child custody laws to be more in the best interest of the child.

Child custody in New Jersey complicated by another country

New Jersey courts sometimes must jail a parent during a custody hearing for failure to comply with court orders. More than eight years ago, this happened to a woman who was originally from another country but had been residing here in this state. The child custody hearing was going in favor of the father getting custody of their daughter so the mother took matters into her own hands.

Custodial issues in New Jersey could get better

New Jersey parents who are considering divorce may be interested to know that there are some states that are revising the old adage that the mother is always the best caregiver. Custodial issues are an emotional topic and each parent often feels that he or she is the better caregiver. Traditionally, one parent has been given legal custody of the children while the other parent pays child support and sees his or her children only on weekends.

New Jersey child custody violation lands father in jail

Custody issues can be a point of great contention between New Jersey parents. When one parent does not agree with the arrangement set by the court, he or she may try to illegally enforce an arrangement more to his or her liking. However, when a parent makes a decision that goes against a court-ordered child custody arrangement, he or she may end up spending time in jail for violating the terms of the agreement.

Children's schools should be given child custody documentation

Divorced parents often do not agree with custody arrangements issued by the courts. However, when a New Jersey court issues a decision on a custody agreement, all parties must abide by that agreement in all areas of the child's life. For example, child custody orders should be given to a child's school so that the administration can ensure that a child is only released to authorized individuals.

New Jersey child custody issues may need legal intervention

During a divorce or other separation between parents, there are many factors that need to be determined involving the children. People may assume the first and foremost issue at hand is where the child or children will live. While this is an essential issue that can be extremely stressful and emotional to deal with, child custody issues go far deeper than just deciding where a child will rest his or her head. A skilled and experienced New Jersey family law attorney can explore your unique child custody situation, explain the various issues that need to be resolved and help alleviate any confusion or anxiety.

New Jersey child custody can be about more than who lives where

When parents split up and sit down to decide the details of a parenting plan, they may find that there is a lot more to child custody decisions than where a child or children will sleep at night. Child custody issues for New Jersey families can encompass a wide range of problems and decisions that couples may not even consider until they are well into the process. Even after the process is over, a child custody agreement may still need to be revisited as needs change.