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Posts tagged "New Jersey"

Billionaire Harold Hamm is getting a divorce without a prenup

There may be people in New Jersey who would be shocked that a billionaire doesn't have a prenuptial agreement. As it turns out, Harold Hamm, who made his money in the oil business, never signed a prenuptial agreement with his wife. Now that they are getting a divorce, he is going to have to share his fortune of somewhere in the neighborhood of $11 billion.

Three people arrested in New Jersey on child support warrants

After married couples decide to end their marriages, many will have to address various issues regarding any children involved in the divorce. Usually the parent without custody of the children will be required to make child support payments to the parent with custody. Additionally, failure to make these payments can result in arrest warrants. Three New Jersey residents recently found this out the hard way after being arrested for allegedly failing to make payments to support their children.

New Jersey divorce proceedings can drag on if couples don't agree

New Jersey fans of Kim Kardashian have probably been following the latest news concerning her divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries. The newest twist in the lengthy divorce saga concerns the reality star's pregnancy. She has asked for a judge to declare the marriage officially over so she can move on with her life. The proceedings have dragged on since Oct. 2011.

New Jersey divorce: Permanent alimony under fire

New Jersey alimony has been making headlines lately. One of the few states left to allow permanent alimony has placed the practice under a microscope and has some people crying foul. Those who receive permanent alimony after a divorce will receive a check for the rest of their lives, prompting some to forego work or even remarriage. Critics of the practice liken it to winning the lottery.

New Jersey child support: Legal assistance can help recoup money

New Jersey parents embroiled in child support battles know how frustrating it can be to not receive the money that they and their children are entitled to receive. Such battles can end up in court repeatedly and can sometimes result in criminal charges for the other parent. One man has been jailed after being accused of owing $80,000 in back child support.

New legislation may help domestic violence victims in New Jersey

A new bill is making its way through the New Jersey legislative process. It has had its first hearing in the Assembly and can now move forward. If passed, a new law would allow victims of domestic violence to testify against their abuser by camera, rather than in person. This is a change from the current rule that requires that the victim appear in the courtroom in most criminal cases.

New Jersey divorce: Study shows men drink more after divorce

Couples in New Jersey are aware of how difficult going through a divorce can be. A new study compiled by researchers at one major university examines the drinking habits of both sexes before, during and after a divorce. The results suggest that men who recently divorced were more prone to consume more alcohol than usual, whereas women turned to other things such as food or family as a coping mechanism. In reaching their conclusions, researchers examined data collected from a prior survey, and also interviewed over 100 people.

New Jersey fans: Man wins child custody for NCAA title game day

An unusual request is making headlines and could be an interesting read for New Jersey sports fans. Many people know at least one person fanatical about their sports team, but one man has taken it to a new level with an interesting child custody demand. The man felt there was an imbalance in the amount of holiday requests his wife was making for the kids and the ones he made. Instead of arguing about it, he began to think about days that were special to him that he could share with his children.

Military divorce can occur due to unrealistic expectations

Defense Department records show the current military divorce rate in New Jersey and around the rest of the nation continues to escalate. In 2001, the divorce rate was 2.6 percent. In 2011, the divorce rate jumped to 3.7 percent, and if current studies are accurate, these rates will continue to climb. Couples divorce for many reasons, but one Navy wife has shared her story about what ultimately led to the demise of her military marriage.