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Posts tagged "Domestic Violence"

Stalking common after separating due to domestic violence

For some people with broken hearts, it is difficult to let go. Following a divorce or separation, one partner may want to find ways to see or be close to the other, perhaps just for confirmation that the other partner has moved on. This may mean occasionally driving past the former partner's work or New Jersey home. However, there are times when a jilted lover or divorced spouse will take things too far, especially if the past relationship involved domestic violence.

Seeking help when domestic violence threatens one's safety

Being the victim of abuse is something that no individual should ever have to endure. Domestic violence remains a major concern in New Jersey and across the nation, and the victims of such acts can suffer in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, even when an individual becomes aware of the tendencies of an abusive party, he or she may feel trapped in the relationship and uncertain how to seek help.

Domestic violence: The emotional ramifications of financial abuse

Abuse can come in many shapes and forms, each of which can do a substantial amount of harm to an individual. Victims of domestic violence can suffer in various ways, even if the damage done isn't physical in nature. Individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere that are abused financially may find it beneficial to seek guidance in ways to spot such actions and protect their future.

Weighing the options for divorce when a business is involved

Many individuals in New Jersey or elsewhere have put years of planning and work into cultivating a successful business. When the owner of a business is facing divorce, he or she might have concerns about the impact a similar situation might have on the future of the company. There may be several options to consider during this period that might help one keep the longevity of the company intact.

Potential signs of domestic violence and guidance for its victims

The harm done to those in an abusive relationship can be catastrophic, in some cases leading to long-term or permanent physical and/or emotional damage, or worse. However, many victims of domestic violence may be uncertain that abuse is present within the relationship until it is too late. Individuals in New Jersey and across the country are making constant efforts to inform others of the dangers of abuse, as well as the potential indicating signs.

Protecting a child from the dangers of domestic violence

A child should never have to live in an abusive environment. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a serious issue that many kids have been forced to experience first hand. A parent may wish to shield his or her kids by removing them from harm's way, but may be uncertain how to achieve this goal. Courts in New Jersey and across the country consider the needs of a child to be of the utmost importance, and will take steps to ensure his or her safety.

Oulets available for victims of domestic violence in New Jersey

Many individuals across the country have been the victim of abuse at some point in their lives. Domestic violence is a serious issue that can leave victims physically and emotionally battered, or worse. Although efforts have been made to promote available assistance in recent years, some victims in New Jersey may still be afraid to step forward, fearing such an act will have unforeseen consequences.

Negative impact on victims of domestic violence in New Jersey

No matter the nature of the relationship, living with abuse is never the answer. Reports of domestic violence have increased across the country, prompting many to speak out against it in an attempt to help others escape an unhealthy situation. There are still a vast number of victims who continue to endure abuse, fearing that a report will have disastrous consequences. Many hope this number will decrease as more outlets of assistance become available for victims in New Jersey.

Raising awareness of domestic violence in New Jersey

A person should never have to live with abuse. Whether physical or mental, abuse can have negative long-term affects on a person's life. Unfortunately, many people feel stuck in these situations, believing that they have no way out. Raising awareness of domestic violence can go a long way in preventing future cases and helping citizens of New Jersey understand that help is available in many forms.

Domestic violence: Protection is available

When New Jersey residents are in relationships in which they fear for their safety -- and the safety of their children -- they may find comfort in knowing that there is protection available. In some cases, non-physical domestic violence continues for years, becoming violent only when the abused spouse informs the abuser of his or her intention to leave the relationship or file for a divorce. For protection against such action, the victim may apply for a restraining order.