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Posts tagged "jail"

New Jersey child support nonpayment lands Rich Dollaz in jail

Child support nonpayment is a serious problem for custodial parents all across America. Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to only the poorer section of society, but it is also a problem with which the more affluent must contend. In one New Jersey case, a TV star has been arrested for child support nonpayment for his two children.

Failure to pay child support could land man in jail

When child support is ordered, a parent may face serious consequences if that order is not honored. However, a parent may have good cause to pursue halting payments or for seeking a modification to the ordered child support payment. New Jersey fathers may be interested in the case of a man who could be facing jail time as he owes more than $30,000 in child support.

Child support case results in jail for immigrant

Child support orders are to be followed according to law, or there may be serious consequences for parents. If a parent fails to pay child support or does not comply with any order regarding the care or visitation of children, that parent may face contempt charges. In New Jersey and elsewhere, contempt can lead to jail time, and that time can last until the support is paid or other restitution is made. One child support case making news gets complicated, as the paying parent is an immigrant who says he was not in the country when an order was served.

Man tries to rectify child support issues for child who isn't his

The issue of child support can be complicated and stressful for parents as they try to keep up with payments and try to understand changing laws. When a person is facing consequences for not paying child support, those consequences can affect all aspects of their life. Anyone in New Jersey who is in the midst of a child support case or paternity case may find a recent situation in the news interesting. It entails the struggle of a man who was ordered to pay child support for a child who was not his.

New Jersey child support: Parents who owe may get help

As many of our New Jersey readers know, it's unfortunately all too easy in today's economy to unintentionally fall behind in child support payments. One man in another state ordered to pay child support has fallen behind on his payments. He is willing, but his job does not pay him enough. Due to him missing payments, his license has been suspended and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Fortunately for this man, he was able to find help for catching up on his child support payments.