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Posts tagged "income"

Child support case results in jail for immigrant

Child support orders are to be followed according to law, or there may be serious consequences for parents. If a parent fails to pay child support or does not comply with any order regarding the care or visitation of children, that parent may face contempt charges. In New Jersey and elsewhere, contempt can lead to jail time, and that time can last until the support is paid or other restitution is made. One child support case making news gets complicated, as the paying parent is an immigrant who says he was not in the country when an order was served.

Man faces felony charges after avoidance of child support

Whenever an unmarried couple has a child or a couple decides to split after the birth of a child and the courts determine a set amount for child support, not paying that amount can lead to serious legal consequences. Yet, there are certain circumstances that can validate reasons a person may say they are unable to pay that child support obligation. Anyone in New Jersey who is behind in support or struggling to get back child support payments may be interested in the story of one man and his reasoning for not paying back due support.

New Jersey parents can be flexible on child support payments

Many New Jersey readers would agree that going through a divorce can be an overwhelming process. In situations where children are involved, the subject of child custody and child support may become part of the discussion. Either parent may end up the one who keeps the children a majority of the time, however, it's important for New Jersey parents to work together as a team and be flexible with each other. Events can occur in either parent's life that causes circumstances to change.