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Posts tagged "dispute"

Divorce may impact family privacy levels

An impending divorce may take a toll on every family member, even when the split is amicable and is a mutual decision. Divorce may lead each party to seek out the advice or guidance of trusted professionals and family members. However, divorce may also encroach on a family's privacy level. Any New Jersey family or couple who is concerned with privacy pertaining to divorce proceedings may want to become familiar with how a case may go forward and what information may be included as part of public record.

Division of art could be complicated in New Jersey divorce

Divorce can be extremely difficult for those involved, as massive changes are made to couples' current lives. For many individuals, these changes include the division of their property and other assets. This can be a stressful process for many, but if artwork is involved, the amount of stress and tension can be magnified. Although many New Jersey residents do not have many works of art that need to be divided in their divorce, the division of these assets can be difficult for those who do.

New program regarding divorce could spread to New Jersey

Divorce can often be a very difficult process that can take a large amount of time to be completed. This extended period of time can make the divorce even harder for those involved because of the constant reminders of the occurrence. This can leave New Jersey couples with emotional pain and scars that could have been avoided if the process took a shorter period of time. However, one court system is now offering a service that could drastically shorten the time it takes to finalize a divorce.