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Posts tagged "Child custody"

Thomas Ravenel is seeking sole child custody, alleges drug abuse

New Jersey parents often have problems when it comes to devising co-parenting plans. The court's decisions are made in children's best interests, but disputes can arise if parents disagree on what is best for their kids. In most situations, barring extenuating circumstances that may prompt a judge to deem a particular parent unfit, the court believes that most children fare best in shared custody situations. However, if one parent has evidence that the other's presence places children at risk, he or she may petition the court for sole child custody, as TV star Thomas Ravenel has done.

Child custody: Addressing the best interests of a child

For married couples in New Jersey who have children together, making the decision to part ways can be a difficult task. Parents may wish to protect their kids throughout divorce, but child custody can be a challenging topic. However, by seeking guidance on aspects to address concerning the best interests of the kids, parents could become better prepared to pursue an acceptable parenting plan during divorce proceedings.

Child custody: Reducing the impact of divorce on the kids

Going through the end of a marriage can be a daunting process, and the outcome of the situation could impact the lives of everyone involved. Since most couples generally don't enter a marriage with the intent to divorce, being prepared for a similar situation can be challenging, especially when kids are a factor. Parents in New Jersey may find it beneficial to understand that how they behave during child custody negotiations might affect the kids, and to learn how they can protect them throughout the process.

Child custody: Summer vacations could alter parenting schedules

When it comes to reaching an acceptable and amicable parenting schedule, many individuals in New Jersey may find it crucial to focus on providing for the everyday needs of their kids. However, while forming a normal routine can be beneficial in a variety of ways, certain circumstances can be difficult to plan for. When discussing child custody, parents may also find it helpful to account for scenarios such as summer vacations from school, as these could alter the responsibilities and needs of all parties involved.

Child custody: Seeking modifications re a need to relocate

It can be difficult to predict certain changes in life and, in some cases, to prepare for them. A change in circumstances can prompt for a person to move to a different area, and for some, this could be a simple process. However, for parents in New Jersey who have an existing child custody agreement in place, attempting to relocate could be somewhat more challenging.

Child custody: Helping the kids cope with divorce

Making the decision to end a marriage can be difficult at best, even if it is the best outcome for all parties involved. For parents in New Jersey, discussing topics such as child custody can be an intimidating prospect, but reaching an agreement centered on the needs of the kids could be essential to safeguarding their future. Since such matters can be stressful for everyone, parents who are going through a divorce might find it helpful to consider the potential benefits of family therapy.

Child custody: Understanding how one's behavior affects the kids

When facing the end of a marriage, parents in New Jersey and elsewhere may have concerns about how the process will affect their kids. Many parents consider it vital to safeguard the kids, and seek to do so by reaching a child custody agreement that is in keeping with their best interests. However, the process can be stressful and intimidating, and a parent might find it advisable to consider how his or her behavior during this time may also impact the kids.

Child custody: Speaking to the kids about divorce in New Jersey

When it comes to the end of a marriage, kids may have a certain degree of difficulty understanding the situation. When facing divorce, parents in New Jersey might place a great deal of importance on protecting the future of the kids by pursuing an acceptable child custody agreement. However, parents may find it just as important to address the current needs of their children, but they could be uncertain how to achieve this goal.

Child custody: Identifying and addressing the needs of the kids

Certain changes in life, such as divorce, can be challenging to accept, especially for children. Parents in New Jersey may seek to safeguard the kids during this period by pursuing a child custody agreement that is in keeping with their best interests. While looking to the future of the kids may be crucial, parents may also find it beneficial to identify and address any issues they may currently be experiencing.

Covering every aspect of child custody during divorce

The end of a marriage will inherently bring about a changes in the lives of everyone involved. For spouses, the prospect of changes may be welcomed, but kids might not view the situation with the same level of enthusiasm. When seeking to reach an agreement for child custody, parents in New Jersey may find it beneficial to consider how the process might impact their kids.