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Why do New Jersey couples file for divorce?

When a New Jersey couple makes the decision to move forward with ending their marriage, it is likely the result of much considering, weighing of options and discussion. Even when both parties agree divorce is the right decision, it is an emotional and complex process. While every situation is different, there are a few select reasons that play a role in many divorces, including those related to family and money.

One common reason for divorce is a lack of premarital preparation. Many couples forgo counseling and other steps that can help prepare for a successful marriage. Additionally, religious differences tend to put a strain on a marriage long term. Another common factor in the decision to end a marriage is lack of support from family, which can be stressful for parents with young children.

As one would expect, finances is one of the leading factors in divorce. Money problems or disagreements on issues such as paying bills, dealing with debt and allocating for savings can lead to significant strain on a marriage. These disagreements can lead to issues that eventually causes an irrevocable rift between the two spouses

Other common reasons for divorce include substance abuse, physical abuse and infidelity. Regardless of why a New Jersey couple chooses to take this step, it is beneficial to take steps to protect future interests. A person may seek a fair settlement that allows for future stability and prosperity. Divorce is a complex process, and it is often smart to seek experienced guidance as a person makes critical decisions for his or her future. 

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