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February 2019 Archives

Knowing what to expect from a divorce late in life in New Jersey

Dissolving a marriage can be an intimidating process and those who are going through a similar life event may face challenges that are unique to their situation. For instance, individuals in New Jersey who are entering retirement may have concerns that a divorce late in life could disrupt their plans for the future. Those who are facing a similar situation could benefit from seeking advice on the issues they might experience, as this may help them form a strategy on how best to approach the situation.

Obtaining the true value of a business prior to divorce

Upon deciding to dissolve a marriage, business owners in New Jersey and elsewhere may be wondering what will happen to the company in the process. If the business, or at least a portion thereof, is deemed marital property, it will be subjected to the process of property division during divorce proceedings. To prepare for what comes next, business owners may find it vital to obtain the proper value of the business.

Keeping emotions in check during divorce in New Jersey

Going through the end of a marriage can be stressful, and the uncertainty involved in what will happen next could leave some individuals in New Jersey preparing for a heated battle. However, the process doesn't always have to result in a high level of conflict, and in some cases, such behavior may only make the situation worse. Those who wish to know how to keep control over their emotions during divorce could benefit from understanding what might trigger an emotional reaction.

Why do New Jersey couples file for divorce?

When a New Jersey couple makes the decision to move forward with ending their marriage, it is likely the result of much considering, weighing of options and discussion. Even when both parties agree divorce is the right decision, it is an emotional and complex process. While every situation is different, there are a few select reasons that play a role in many divorces, including those related to family and money.