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Thomas Ravenel is seeking sole child custody, alleges drug abuse

New Jersey parents often have problems when it comes to devising co-parenting plans. The court's decisions are made in children's best interests, but disputes can arise if parents disagree on what is best for their kids. In most situations, barring extenuating circumstances that may prompt a judge to deem a particular parent unfit, the court believes that most children fare best in shared custody situations. However, if one parent has evidence that the other's presence places children at risk, he or she may petition the court for sole child custody, as TV star Thomas Ravenel has done.

Ravenel is one of the stars on the "Southern Charm" show. Many people also recognize him as a former independent candidate for the U.S. senate. He has filed a petition in court, seeking sole custody of his two children, alleging that their mother, Kathryn Dennis, has a serious substance abuse problem that has placed his children at risk on numerous occasions.

Ravenel claims that Southern Charm producers and other cast members have engaged in illegal drug activity, buying, selling and trading prescription drugs with Dennis. He also told the court that his children's mother often consumes alcohol while taking prescription drugs, intensifying the level of detriment posed to his kids when they are in their mother's custody. Dennis has already lost and regained custody in a prior situation that occurred when she reportedly failed a drug test.

There may be parents in New Jersey facing similar situations at this time. It is critical that a parent making substance abuse accusations against a co-parent be able to present strong evidence to convince the judge overseeing the case that the co-parent is unfit for custody. This is because the court is not about to take a co-parent's custody privileges away if it determines that such allegations are without merit. To help build a strong child custody case, a parent may enlist support from an experienced family law attorney.

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