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Federal workers may face child support enforcement actions

For those New Jersey parents who are coming out of the recent government shutdown, making good on outstanding financial obligations is a central focus. In some cases, expenses were accrued during the shutdown that must now be covered, which can throw a budget out of balance. For federal workers who fell behind on child support during the shutdown, fears of enforcement action may be weighing heavily on their minds. 

Some parents make their child support payments via direct deposit or garnishment. The agreed-upon amount simply comes right out of their paycheck on a routine schedule. When that paycheck has a zero- or low-dollar amount, the child support obligation simply cannot be met. 

For parents who do not have a good relationship with their former partner, this can lead to child support enforcement actions. Just one missed payment can bring about contempt of court charges or administrative sanctions. Some states will pull a parent's driver's license, and others will revoke professional licenses or take other actions. Eventually, the matter can go before a court of law. 

The best way to approach this issue is to take immediate action. Contact the appropriate child support office and discuss the situation. If it appears that the path back to financial stability might be a long one, it may be best to go back to court and ask for a child support modification. That is especially true if another shutdown occurs in the weeks to come. For those in New Jersey who are at risk of child support enforcement actions, reaching out to a family law attorney might be a good place to begin. 

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