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Child Support in New Jersey May Be Changing

Sometimes, paying child support feels like a lifelong endeavor with various agreements within the court system as to when the support will end. However, there are three lawmakers in New Jersey who are attempting to pass a law that will clearly define at what age child support should legally end. At this time, the ending date is open and can change depending on the specific circumstances of each case.

The bill that is now being considered will set the legal end date of child support as the date that the child turns 19 years of age, according to one state senator. The reason for the age being 19 instead of 18 is that there are several students who are still in high school when they turn 19 years of age. In some circumstances, the legal end of child support could be extended to the age of 23 but only if that child is pursuing a higher degree or if the child has a physical or mental disability.

Supporters say this bill would help ensure the welfare and the safety of the children. They say it would also unclog an overburdened court system that is currently fielding many requests that would be eradicated with the change in the law. Also, with this bill, the child support payments would stop, regardless of the child’s age, if the child gets married or if the child joins the military.

Parents who are looking at divorce may wish to consult a New Jersey lawyer to help find a solution to their child support questions. However, their interests and questions may change as the laws change regarding payments. As always, the best interests of the children need to be considered.

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